About Lisa

LISA (LIfe Saving Assistant) by HealthSonics is the first autonomous lifeguard robot.

LISA does more than simply pool monitoring, LISA dives to the person in distress to start rescue immediately, bringing the person to water surface and keeping rescue staff and entourage informed of progress and vital signs.

LISA provides early drowning detection and effective life rescue solution to the person in distress, for commercial and private swimming pools.


The inception of LISA came from the dramatic drowning of a 19 years old boy who drowned in Ottawa river in July 2017. Despite his ability to swim, he was unable to reach the shore of the river.

The tragic event was witnessed by love ones, who were unable to rescue him, leaving family and close friends helpless and devastated.

We decided to do something about this and after some intense brainstorming found that creating a rescue robot would be the best way to prevent this suffering once and for all.