Worldwide, at least one person dies from drowning every minute.

Youths younger than 14 years old are particularly at risk. According to WHO, “drowning is the third leading cause of death worldwide for children aged 5 – 14 years.”

Despite the measures in place, statistics remain concerning.

Pool monitoring systems, the current solution, only partially solve the problem: from the moment drowning is detected, there is only a minute left to prevent permanent consequences.

LISA (LIfe Saving Assistant) by HealthSonics is the first autonomous lifeguard robot.

LISA does more than simply pool monitoring, LISA dives to the person in distress to start rescue immediately, bringing the person to water surface and keeping rescue staff and entourage informed of progress and vital signs.

LISA provides early drowning detection and effective life rescue solution to the person in distress, for commercial and private swimming pools.

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LIfe Saving Assistant

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